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Finding a plastic injection molding provider to handle your small, complex parts on a deadline is challenging. 

SigmaPro is the ONLY precision plastic injection partner delivering a hyper-speed so you can go further, faster.

 Looking to source an industrial supplier for your prototype or production? Check out our free guide:

5 Questions When Sourcing an Industrial Supplier.



At SigmaPro, we produce quality and dependable products without the interruptions or headaches common to the supply chain and the typical manufacturing process.


Our 23+ years of experience includes serving various industries with: 

  • Precision Injection Molded Products

  • Engineering and Development Services

  • Prototyping & 3D Printing Services

  • Post-molding Services: Pad Printing, Laser Engraving, Assembly, etc.

  • Exemplary Quality and Traceability Standards

  • Extensive Supply Chain Management Expertise

Our company’s culture, expectations, and abilities are totally unique in the plastic injection molding industry. Our team is dedicated to making your products with quality, speed, adaptability, service, responsiveness, and precision that earn our customers long-term business. We strive to be the elite plastic injection molding supplier for all our clients and to advance their business through the solutions we provide.

We currently serve the:

  • Medical

  • Optical

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Technology

  • Telecommunications Industries


You need confidence in production without product variation. Especially if your products are critical, with dimensional requirements of +/- 10-20 µm (+/- 0.0004”-0.0008”), we can meet or exceed those expectations. We excel at manufacturing with dimensional stability, color requirements, complex visual criteria, structural integrity, and processing.


Your product needs are specific and technologically complex, quality and process documentation must be complete, uncomplicated, and technically sound for a repeatable and consistent manufacturing process. At SigmaPro, our quality and process documentation will allow you to make production runs as needed for the life of your part.


You can trust the reliability of our in-house and third-party supply chains, giving you confidence that even in times of supply chain upset, your parts will get to you on time.  Along with our quality documentation, lot and product tracking ensures you can track and manage orders and with visibility into our real-time data and manufacturing schedules.


If you’ve wanted to move production to the USA, tackle complicated product development, or are searching for more sophisticated suppliers who can give you engineering and manufacturing attention within your timeline, SigmaPro might be the best fit for you. 


Whether you’re new to the manufacturing process or you’re looking for DFM and feasibility reviews, material recommendations, and informative cost analysis, including tooling and molding and related add-on services, we have the expertise you need.




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